Your telephone is directly connected to your network rather than to a landline. Hosted and managed by CDMS, the acquisition costs of your IP line are minimal, and you only need to connect to it and use it.




Quality links:

We guarantee you high-speed quality fibre links, and we monitor the service quality to make sure we communicate clearly and fluidly. Several large companies provide our business-grade VoIP solutions, and our servers are hosted in Quebec. The support is bilingual for greater proximity with the customer.


No need for infrastructure:

You enjoy the benefits of a modern telecommunication system with worrying about maintaining the equipment onsite. This considerably reduces the operational costs.


Simplified administration:

Our team is available 24/7/365 to help you and make the required changes: home menu, password, temporary forwarding, creation of a new phone extension, deletion of a voice mail.

Business continuity:

With the VoIP solution hosted by CDMS, maintain your communications wherever you are from an Internet connection.



Connect your mobile employees to the office’s phone services through an IP phone or an IP phone software connected to the computer, an application for smartphone or even by activating the Find me, Follow me functionality, which redirects your calls to your smartphone.


Moreover, you can have your phone message deposited in your mailbox. So, the message is accessible from your computer or smartphone!




  •  SIP phone lines
    •    Caller ID
    •    Call-waiting indicator
    •    Three-way calling
    •    Call transfer
    •    Call screening
    •    Missed call notification
    •    Do not disturb
    •    Find me, Follow me
    •    Long-distance calls included everywhere in North America
    •    1-800 toll-free numbers available
    •    Overseas packages available
    •    Portability of the current numbers
    •    Phone directory
    •    Interactive home menu
    •    Voice mailboxes
    •    Voice message to e-mail
    •    Music while on hold
    •    Search group
    •    Emergency 911 
  •   Software (Softphone) available for computers, tablets and smartphones. 
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