The network is the centre of your activities.


It is used for office automation, accounting, communications and database management. It is your primary tool to manage customer requests. It is critical to implement the infrastructure in a stable, reliable, performing and safe environment while respecting your budget. CDMS recommends and proposes you reliable material tailored to your needs.

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CDMS monitors your computer systems, your internal network and its remote telecommunication, as effectively as if the service team was onsite.


As a result, CDMS makes sure that you make the most of your infrastructure by maintaining an operational, productive and efficient business environment, with proactive interventions.

Monitored components

External availability, 24 hours/day, seven days/week

Processor usage level (STC)

Memory usage

Hard drive capacity

Monitoring the connectivity and availability of the equipment on the business network


How do I secure my data?

  • Equipment failure or computer virus


  • Unauthorized access that could compromise the confidentiality of your customers’ data 


  • Access to employees: Customer lists and trade secrets can be copied on external supports or shared sites


  • Exchange of correspondence in strict confidentiality

CDMS has the solutions to advise you on the best practices and help you implement the tools that will allow you to sleep soundly!

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