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Choose CDMS’ hosting services and get a computer infrastructure with services that exceed your expectations, without paying the price:


Tier III (T3) and Tier IV (T4) data centre, including:



  • Five locations located in the Greater Montreal Area;


  • Secured data centre, including temperature-controlled computer rooms, a fire protection system, security control with an access card, biometrics and video surveillance, an uninterruptible power supply system with generators, back-up batteries and network connections, as well as high-speed Internet thanks to fibre optic topologies;


  • A 24 hr/day, seven days a week and 365 days a year network surveillance by a highly-competent technical team;


  • Your files are available at all times and from anywhere;


  • A scalable service that can be set up depending on the growth or reduction of your company; 


  • Expert service with experienced technicians on workstations, servers, back-up outlets, applications as well as networks and safety;


  • A call centre always available for your support;


  • Protection against viruses and spams;


  • An environment secured with firewalls and agreements compliant with laws on confidential data protection;


  • A full daily back-up of your data part of a large discover recovery plan.



Available rain or shine

The cloud-computing services are what you use with your Gmail or accounts when you share documents (Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive) when you organize online meetings with Skype or WebEx.


The current problem is for the transmission of data. Is it safe? Where are my data hosted?

CDMS developed, over time, reliable, performing and safe cloud-computing services, whose data is hosted in Canada.

Some of our cloud-computing services:


  • Exchange online, cooperate carefreely 


  • Save online, save carefreely


  • IP voice, communicate carefreely
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