Network Monitoring

“I have dealt with all kinds of “technical” people throughout the years but have never had a more pleasant experience with a group that not only knew their stuff but I was also able to communicate with”

Sossi Dayian, General Manager
Airoute Cargo

Would you like to be aware of network problems proactively before the users report them? CDMS Network Monitoring helps you to acheive that and more…

The Pro-Active solution:
CDMS Network Monitoring is an affordable way to protect your IT investment and ensure optimal performance of your network.
Éléments surveillés :
We monitor:
Servers,Networks,Routers & Firewalls

Easily the most striking change brought about by the new information technology (IT) is our ability to perform remotely any operation just as efficiently and with the exact same service as if the team was on site. When it comes to monitoring a company’s computer systems, internal networks and telecommunication networks, the capacity to instantly respond remotely to every need, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, brings countless financial and logistical benefits that are only the beginning.

The lightning speed at which computer programs evolve and the complexity of the operations involved make immediate access to competent, timely assistance an absolute necessity. The support team also has to be able to provide an immediate solution to any problem with tools, hardware or IT, common or specialized software.

This proactive approach requires constant vigilance and swift intervention that is often crucial. And it takes encyclopedic knowledge and expertise that one individual or small group of technicians could never offer.

Adding CDMS Network Monitoring ensures that you are getting the most out of your infrastructure and operational downtime is kept to a strict minimum due to the proactive interventions. Therefore your business environment remains not only operational, but also fully supported to improve productivity and efficiency.

We Monitor:

  • 24/7 external uptime
  • CPU Usage Level
  • Memory Usage
  • Hard Disk Capacity
  • Simple Ping Monitoring

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