Level 2 & 3 Support

“I have dealt with all kinds of “technical” people throughout the years but have never had a more pleasant experience with a group that not only knew their stuff but I was also able to communicate with”

Sossi Dayian, General Manager
Airoute Cargo

Our On-Site Support team of technicians are just a call away from getting your business back up and running in record time.

CDMS On-Site Support (Level 2)

Whether it be a power supply that has become defective, a desktop or server breakdown, our team can respond within 2 to 4 hours to detect and resolve the problem.

When on-site support is combined with our Service Desk offering, CDMS virtually becomes your very own IT department answering and resolving all technical issues that arise.

Different service level options are available depending on the business environement that you operate and how critical you deem internal applications.

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