Back-up Services

“I have dealt with all kinds of “technical” people throughout the years but have never had a more pleasant experience with a group that not only knew their stuff but I was also able to communicate with”

Sossi Dayian, General Manager
Airoute Cargo

Is your data back-up process tested regularly? With today’s laws and regulations, you must be capable of keeping data secure and readily available at all times

Take the guess work out of the equation and allow us to confidentially, reliably and securely backup you crucial data. We offer several different backup options depending on your unique business needs.

As for security, we are well equipped:

  • 24/7 Network monitoring by skilled technicians
  • Service Desk “Real-Time” Alert for network failure
  • Secured data centre with controlled temperature settings
  • FM-200 gas activated system against fire (Fire suppression system)
  • Secure premise access control via passs cards and video-monitoring
  • Secured IT environment through firewalls in accordance with laws regarding the protection of confidential information
  • High Level Protection against Virus & SPAM


– Power redundancy through:

  • UPS
  • Diesel Generator
  • Two separate electrical grids (East & West Towers)

– Network redundancy:

  • Two Separate internet service providers with 2 different technologies used: Fibre optics & Cable
  • Our geographical situation places us in the heart of the telecom hub in Montreal with access to five different internet service providers

– Backups:

  • Full daily data backup on tape media
  • Physically removed from the premises and placed in a secured vault

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