Managed Services

“In a law firm of our size, there is always a lot of actions … We needed available resources outside of normal business hours. We tried several experiments either by a rotation of our regular staff, opening positions evenings, nights and weekends, but we had a lot of trouble keeping resources. With CDMS outsoucing service, , we make sure to get, at any time, a resource with the expertise to meet the requirements of our lawyers! ”

Sylvain Girard, Director, Information Technology, Norton Rose LLP Fulbright

CDMS offers an array of support solutions, from 24/7 service desk to complete server and network management.

Ensuring that your IT infrastructure is secured and always available is the most important task for any IT department.

Your organization will at some point incur downtime; run the risk of losing productivity and business effectiveness should a technical incident or issue occur.

CDMS offers expert technical resources and solutions to help prevent and maintain a secure and reliable IT infrastructure with a single point of contact.

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