Entreprise Solutions

« The technical support offered by CDMS over time, has become indispensible to our legal practice, as much by the courtesy of the employees as the speed of execution of the work. CDMS constantly presents highly effective solutions to put in place”
Serge Ghorayeb, lawyer

 CDMS has numerous years of experience serving enterprise class customers with diverse approaches best suited to your specific needs.

We can support your existing team with level 1 Service Desk, on-site, project management, planning, etc.

In fact we work with several large accounts in numerous different areas such as:

1) Temporary replacement for:

  • Sick leave
  • Vacations
  • Sabatical, etc

2) Level 1: Call overflow, off-hours or dispatch.

3) Level 2: On-site support, off-hours, backup, etc.

4) Level 3: Infrastructure & Server support

 We can assist your existing team and alleviate the strain of long hours during crucial projects.

For an evaluation of your needs and a full recommendation, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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