Legal Sector

« The technical support offered by CDMS over time, has become indispensible to our legal practice, as much by the courtesy of the employees as the speed of execution of the work. CDMS constantly presents highly effective solutions to put in place”
Serge Ghorayeb, lawyer

The legal industry is our area of expertise! We have been serving and consulting the legal community in IT for over 15 years.

CDMS has extensive knowledge in the legal sector and its distinctive applications and software. Our president and founder was an IT director for a major Montreal law firm before launching the company in 1997. Several of our employees have also worked for different firms in the past and understand its unique environment.

We have since then signed an exclusive service agreement with the “Corporation de service du Barreau du Québec” in order to offer the same level and quality of service at a competitive price to all lawyers across the province. Whether you work from your home office, in a small , medium or large firm, we offer the same level of support right to your desk.

Large firms have the return on investment (ROI) to justify having an in-house IT department to purchase, solve problems and find solutions to IT issues while planning for the future. For smaller firms, it is now possible to benefit from identicle services used by larger organizations. We call it, bringing enterprise class solutions to the small business environment.

Furthermore, CDMS understands the needs of the legal industry, be it security, confidentiality and the importance of expediency in its response.

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