Project Management & Consulting

“CDMS has been our IT support partner for the last 5 years and they have always been capable to meet the different challenges that we’ve faced. The CDMS team is reliable, courteous and always on par with new and emerging technologies. In our field, time is money. When traditional solutions are not possible, CDMS always finds a way to implement a quick solution at a good price.”

Me.Nataly J. Vermette, LL.B, LL.M

We have highly skilled technical personnel with project management experience and enough business sknowledge to assist you take on the projects that seem daunting at times.

Whatever the size and activities of an organization, managing computer projects is one of its most crucial and complex operations. Acquiring computer and telecommunications equipment can require tremendous investments, and decision-makers who try to save when choosing how to manage these costly systems are making the worst mistake: here’s why.

Computerizing your operations or modifying an existing system is not just a matter of leafing through a few catalogues and choosing whatever looks right. Buying a computer system is not like buying typewriters or adding machines. Information technology is an integral part of the company’s daily and long-term operations. Because they are productivity tools, they have to fit current needs as well as various future requirements. The purchase, management and maintenance of this equipment has to be meticulously planned, to correspond with company goals and orientations.

A corporate computer system and network are very complex and delicately balanced. The slightest modification or addition to the system, though apparently harmless, affects the links between each element in the system and can upset this balance. And the consequences can be disastrous, and extremely expensive. Project managers have to be able to observe and design each step with a whole-system view encompassing the network and components, focused on enhancing the organization’s productivity and profitability. This ability to integrate information technology with the firm’s core activities is something that only comes with experience.

CDMS has teams of professional project managers with many years’ of experience in various production and service sectors. Our teams are well prepared to help your organization augment its productivity, however know better than to improvise.

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