Secure Data Destruction

“CDMS has been our IT support partner for the last 5 years and they have always been capable to meet the different challenges that we’ve faced. The CDMS team is reliable, courteous and always on par with new and emerging technologies. In our field, time is money. When traditional solutions are not possible, CDMS always finds a way to implement a quick solution at a good price.”

Me.Nataly J. Vermette, LL.B, LL.M

Do you have a policy for handling end-of-life hard drives? Chances are that the practice you have in place may actually impose more risk than benefit!

With changes to storage technology, and the advent of higher capacity storage hardware, many of the practices prescribed in commonly available guidance falls short in delivering adequate protection for end of life data stored on hard drives.

CDMS understands the limitations of software based clear technologies, and the risks imposed by off-site destruction services, and is proud to offer the only truly effective on-site data purge service to eliminate all data from the hard drive media surface.
Using Secure Erase technology developed at the request of the NSA, CDMS offers you on-site services providing you with the same data sanitization technology as is used by the department of National Defence, and other Government offices.

Let us help you regain the care, custody and control you require when decommissioning your storage assets.

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